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Our Nigerian Student Abroad site informs Nigerian students of the opportunities available in six of the world’s top study destinations, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and USA.

As well as up to date information on visas, types of institutes and entry requirements, they can also read about the ‘real life’ experiences of other Indians already studying in these destinations.

Our site is one of the very first to specifically target Nigerian international students. Demand for overseas study continues to grow in this highly populous African nation as does its middle class sector.

Nigeria is being mooted as one of the best potential growth markets for sending international students abroad.

Nigeria sends more students overseas than any other African country. UK has long been a popular destination for Nigerian students and they are now studying in other overseas destinations such as Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand in increasing numbers. 

In 20/21 Nigeria was ranked 10th in the world list of nations sending international students to the US and 1st amongst African nations sending students to the US.

The site is an ideal platform for institutes to showcase their programs and facilities to students in Nigeria.

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Some Of The Institutions Targeting Their Marketing To International Students Using Our Digital Platforms 



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Thank you, as always, for the report! We’re very pleased with our profiles’ performance on your websites, and all the leads." 

Petr Kandidatov
Southern Arkansas University

Frequently Asked Questions

What Copy Do We Need To Submit For Our Profile?

We create your profile using the copy you submit.

We ask for:

– Appx 500 words of text in a word file. 

– The email address, website address and tel number you want us to use in the profile.

– Up to 4 images and a copy of your logo. Images should be at least 600 X 400 pixels. Please send images and text on separate files as we will format the profile here.

– If you have a youtube video you would like us to use in the profile, please send the video’s url and we’ll take it from there.

Can We Amend Our Profile After It Goes Live?

Yes, if you want to make updates/amendments to your profile at any time you can send us the text amendments, new images, logo or video and we will update your profile.

What Exposure Will We Get On The Facebook Pages?

In addition to being hosted on the website, your profile will also be posted on the site’s facebook page. This will generate interest and drive traffic to your profile. We can also post any breaking news or updates from your university that you wish or use the facebook pages to generate interest and exposure for events. e.g. if your university has a forthcoming trip to any of the countries that you are promoting to with us for an education fair or a presentation, if you let us know in advance, we’ll translate a message informing students in whatever cities you are visiting and post it on the relevant facebook page to give exposure to your trip.

Will I Receive Leads During My Campaign?

Yes. The data capture form system on all our sites and facebook pages means that in addition to the traffic generated by your profiles from the markets you are promoting to with us, you will receive leads from students in those markets that are interested in the courses you can offer. The enquiries are emailed to us when the student fills out the form and then on to you. This service is at no extra cost. It is part of your promotional package.

What Are The Costs Of The Service?

The cost of the service depends on how many markets you are targeting and the duration of your campaign. Our standard campaigns are 12 months but we offer discounts for 24 month campaigns. Please contact us at info@targetstudentmedia.com for a proposal